The firm’s passion is to build extraordinary gardens and it does so with an ardent sensibility, deep experience, and love of the land to create places that stir the soul. Summerhill offers expert landscaping services to its discerning clientele on the East End of Long Island.

Founder Declan Blackmore says, “Creating beautiful natural spaces and gardens is intuitive and part of who I am. It is what I love to do. By extension, I have been fortunate to attract an exceptionally educated and skilled team from Europe and around the world. Summerhill provides indelible work on the properties it touches. When we step back to see what was created for our clients, it is breathtaking and very rewarding indeed.”

Collaborating with clients and the best talent in the industry—highly respected landscape architects, builders, and engineers—Summerhill has a peerless reputation as a firm that builds and then maintains successful, enduring gardens that complement and enhance their surrounding sites and architecture.